Photo 1 - Lacco Ameno, Negombo, bassin thermal dans une grotte naturelle

Wellness Hotel Le Canne, Forio, L’ile d’Ischia

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The thermal cures that are available in our thermal resorts are mud therapy, thermalbath therapy and inhalation therapy. In the event that during the thermal cures other specific treatments, such as massage and medical gymnastics are added, the beneficial effects will be more effective and las longer. Our thermal resort also provides a beauty division, where it is possible to improve one's beauty. Treatment is available both for the face and the body.

Beauty le canne

Forio - SS 270
Tel: 081 987510


Accessible par auto Vue panoramique Stationnement Beauté Sauna et bain turc Gymnase Cures(eaux thermales/boue) Massothérapie Traitements inhalés Ouvert à Noël Ouvert à  Pâques Cartes de crédit Balnéothérapie Massages Visage/Corps Massages Shiatsu Pressothérapie Géré par l’ALSP


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